Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this one time, at band camp...

This past weekend, I went on a special women's retreat. Imagine getting out of the city for peace and quiet, a chance to reflect. Can you hear the wind in the trees, visualize a stroll by a tranquil stream? Good job. Now forget all that, because this retreat was the Second Annual (insert power chord here) Women's Rock Weekend.

As part of a fund-raiser* for the Peterborough Rock Camp for Girls, I spent two days rocking out with more than a dozen other women, led by the fearless Rock Squad**. Starting at 9am Saturday, we formed bands and then set to work learning how to play our instruments, write songs together and rehearse them in time for The Big Gig, which was scheduled just 32 hours from the moment we first met.

I played lead guitar (and was chief head-banger) for a band we called "Zombie Virus". Here's a YouTube video of our first song "(I Don't Want No) Zombie Virus", being debuted at Sadleir House in Peterborough on October 25, 2009.

In summary: It is difficult, but not impossible, to shred when you are about to collapse laughing. Believe me.

*The money raised each year at the WRW is used to provide subsidies for girls attending Peterborough Rock Camp 4 Girls.
**The Rock Squad is a group of fabulously talented musicians and artists. Some of their upcoming projects include: Hamlet in a Hurry, Hamburgers In a Hurry, opening for Carole Pope at the MoHo on November 28, and more of my favourite Canadian fiction.

P.S. Here is another account of the weekend, published in the Peterborough Examiner.


  1. I'm your first blogpost comment! w00t!
    Was that an electric guitar in your hands?!?! Rock ON!!

  2. wonderful you! Putting those amazing talents to such great use. And your writing is exquisitely creative as usual!

    I can't get the links to work for me....any tips? I wanna know what you were up to! giggling and all!


  3. Hi Momo and Jenn,

    Thanks for your comments :-) I'm not sure why the links aren't working for you, Jenn. I've changed the colour of them so they stand out a bit more. What happens when you click on 'em? Let me know in what way they are broken and I'll see if I can fix them.

    And momo, yes, that certainly IS an electric guitar.