Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August 1st Benefit Show - Free the Hikers

There are a million good causes out there. A billion, maybe. Maybe 6 billion. The way our system is set up with a hierarchical power structure and all, a lot of us are struggling to get by these days. But some of us are in much more difficult situations than others.

The sheer number of causes can be overwhelming. A lot of the time, I fall prey to compassion-fatigue. I look from cause to cause to cause to cause to cause and do nothing. So, I rely heavily on my friends to shake me gently into action by telling me about issues and showing me ways that I can help.

That's what happened with the benefit show I'm playing this Sunday, August 1, 2010. A good friend invited me to perform to help Free the Hikers - an effort to liberate three travelers: Shane, Sarah and Josh, who have been detained for the past year in Iran, without charge or trial, after they were arrested while hiking near the Iranian border. I would never have even heard of their situation, if it weren't for my friend, and maybe you wouldn't have heard about them if it weren't for this blog post.

Please, come to the show if you can and/or visit the Free the Hikers web site, where you can click on the Take Action tab to learn how you can help advocate for Shane, Sarah and Josh's safe return.

Many thanks!

P.S. While you're taking a moment to help Shane, Sarah and Josh, you might also want to sign up with Avaaz, an organization that will give you information about other causes and ways to help. From putting an end to the practice of stoning in Iran to lobbying against offshore drilling, Avaaz gathers together caring people to advocate for a more just, humane and ecologically-sound world.

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