Monday, April 4, 2011

No Fracking Way

I've been spending some time lately working on the campaign to stop hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) in Nova Scotia.

Hydraulic Fracturing is a process for extracting natural gas embedded in shale rock. The process requires the use (and contamination) of mind-boggling quantities of water. The companies who do it don't want to disclose what chemicals they use. In places where fracking has been allowed on a large scale, it has turned rural landscapes into industrial landscapes.

It seems obvious to me that it's an all-round terrible idea – and we can put a stop to it if we take immediate action.

Anyway, enough talk. I wrote a song about it.

I'm using a Creative Commons license for this song, so you're welcome to repost, distribute and/or sing this song in any non-commercial context, in order to facilitate spreading the word about hydraulic fracturing. The lyrics are included on YouTube and I'd be happy to send you the chords, too. Just drop me a line via my website, facebook, twitter...

And, if you'd like to learn more about fracking, check out these resources put together by the Council of Canadians and the Ecology Action Centre.


  1. Cool. I just posted it on my work's Facebook page

  2. wonderful! beautiful, inspiring, complex, authentic . . . Thank you, Tony Bynum

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! Thanks, Tony! I'm grateful for your comments. And, thank you for sharing this song with your networks. Much appreciated.