Thursday, September 13, 2012

Never enough hours in the day...

Have you sent it here? Have you sent it there? Have you sent it everywhere?

There are so many things to do when launching a new CD. Sending out promo copies, making sure everyone hears about the release show, updating this web site and that one, Facebook updates, tweets, rehearsals, figuring out how to pay the band for the release party, blogging...

Sometimes it feels like I could be working 16-hours-a-day and still not have time to do everything I SHOULD be doing. Sometimes my head spins.

There are helpful suggestions from friends and family. There are made calls and missed calls and made opportunities and missed opportunities galore. Whoo-hoo, got it on the radio! Oh, you should have... Oh, that festival deadline was yesterday...

It is easy to lose sight of the big picture.

The big picture is this. I got together with a bunch of friends and colleagues and made a record and it is awesome. There is stunning musicianship and original songs that tell part of the glorious stories that I'm living or imagining. These songs resonate with many people.

It'd be great if you came to a show or bought a copy of the CD. It'd be great if you told some friends and they came to a show or bought the record, too. It would be great because then you and your friends would get to enjoy some brilliant songs. And I would be under less crippling debt. Who knows, I could break even - or maybe make some money.

But, that's not part of the big picture. Money aside, if I died tomorrow and my parents were left carting all these boxes of CDs out of my apartment, not even that could change the fact that I made something beautiful and unique and interesting. And as long as I'm alive (which I hope will be for a long, long time), I'm going to celebrate.

I'm going to celebrate at the CD Release Party on September 22.

I'm going to celebrate at my other shows in Nova Scotia and Toronto this month and next

And I am celebrating in my heart. Right now. 

Feels good. Why don't you come along with me and my Blackbirds.

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