Saturday, January 10, 2015

Song #2: Shadow of Your Shadow (2015 52-Song Project)

The first song in this project was one of my newest; this second song is over 20 years old.

I wrote it in October 1994 in the wake of a bad break-up. I was 23 years old. I was just in the process of defining my identity and that is essentially what this song is about.

The first verse of this song is inspired by Jacques Brel's song Ne Me Quitte Pas, which ends with the lyrics: "Laisse moi devenir / l'ombre de ton ombre / l'ombre de ta main / l'ombre de ton chien" – which translates in English to: "Let me become / the shadow of your shadow / the shadow of your hand / the shadow of your dog".

The relationship that ended in 1994 had consisted of a great deal of Jacques Brel and also many shadows. 

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