Saturday, July 25, 2015

Song #30: New Day or The Morning Song

This is a new departure for the 52-song project - a co-write and a duet!

My friend Trevor Marty asked me if I would be interested in writing a song together. Via the magic of the Internet, we engaged in some cross-border collaboration this past winter. 

Trevor brought the initial verse and chorus for the song, but in keeping with the bluesy sound - and my mood this past winter - it transitioned from Trevor's original love song into a breakup song - albeit a hopeful one. I contributed the bridge. The coffee is all Trevor's idea! As those who know me know, I do not drink coffee – or even make coffee. 

When it came time to record, Trevor generously offered to do the video editing for a virtual duet. 

I'm super happy with this song! Thanks to Trevor for your interest in my 52-song project and for being a part of it!

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