Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tour: Day 4

I almost forgot to take a picture of my car today. After a white-knuckle drive through pelting rain between Quebec City and Montreal, I was glad to hand it, and its keys, over to the guys in the parking lot across from my hotel. I remembered in the twilight to grab a quick shot of it (the parking lot guys think I'm nuts) et voilĂ .

I decided to splurge on a hotel for these two nights in Montreal. I am coming down with a sore throat - ack! - and hope that hot baths and lots of sleep will cure me - hence the hotel rather than begging for a spot on a friend or family member's sofa.

I love my hotel! It's seedy on the outside - the entrance is through an abandoned pizzeria while the lobby is under renovation - but my room is absolutely plush. And it's one block away from the venue I'm playing tomorrow night: Grumpy's, 1242 rue Bishop! 9:30 start. See you there.

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