Sunday, March 1, 2015

Song #9: Shame is the Name of the Game

Most of the songs I've posted in this project so far have been fairly fun and positive. In eight songs I've only done ONE break-up song. Those of you who know my music will know that this is not really representative.

I guess I've been trying to cheer myself up and it seems to have worked. Which means that I think I can risk a downer today, especially since it is so beautifully sunny:

This is a very simple little song that I began in August 2004 and finished in September/October of the same year. Going through my 2004 journals, I'm a bit shocked by how many great songs I wrote that year, many of them never recorded. This is not a song I play often in public performance. I've tried it, but it doesn't go over that well, frankly. It's a bit slow and depressing.

It is, however, heartfelt and very meaningful to me. Putting it up on YouTube is kind of perfect, actually, because if you get bored you can just go do something else. In a live situation, that would hurt my feelings – but in the virtual world, I'll never know unless you tell me (and please don't). 

This is another song with a reference to Paul Simon, though I wouldn't have thought he was that big an influence in my musical life. The line "I've crapped out" in this song is defintely a reference to the line "4 in the morning, crapped-out, yawning, longing my life away / I never worry, why should I? / It's all gonna fade" in the bridge of the title track of Paul Simon's album, Still Crazy After All These Years, which was one of my favourite records in my stepdad's collection when I was a kid. 

*As usual, view the song in YouTube to see the typed final lyrics.

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  1. Oh, Iove that phoenix in the middle! I love the dark stuff too of course. You know me — dark is great. But that phoenix really ROSE. Thank you.