Sunday, April 12, 2015

Song #15: Portland Street (2015 52-song Project)

This is a song about the terrible trap of living in over-priced rental accommodation.

Often, when a person can't save up enough to put a down-payment to own their own house, or if their rent is such a high a proportion of their income that they are financially hamstrung, they end up at the mercy of less-than-decent landlords.

Frequently, tenants and landlords end up in awkward agreements – often unspoken – that go like this: I won't make a fuss about you being late on your rent if you won't make a fuss about repairs that need to be done to the house. As a result, tenants can end up living in places with un-inspected and unmaintained furnaces, faulty electrical, bad plumbing, poor ventilation, leaks, mold, etc, etc.

This song was inspired by one such real-life situation, located in this instance on Portland Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Please see YouTube for the final lyrics.

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